Crossfire Full-time Staff

Lanell Armstrong

Lanell Armstrong

Founder and Director

Lanell has been serving the children and families in this inner-city neighborhood since 1990, and maintains deep relationships with many in the community. She is involved daily with youth at the Lion’s Den center, “parents” the young people who seek residential safety in times of crisis at the Lighthouse, and provides administrative oversight for Crossfire.

Scott Stevens

Scott Stevens

Program Director and Youth Advocate

Scott Stevens has been on staff with Crossfire since 2008, with a decade of hands-on experience in inner-city youth ministry before that. He oversees the afterschool program and facilitates the activities that take place at the Lion’s Den during after school, evening, and week end hours.

Crossfire Volunteers

There are a variety of volunteers from local churches and the community who assist Crossfire with special needs and events throughout the year. Learn more about how you can get involved.

Many of our “1st Generation” who grew up in this ministry volunteer on a regular basis and bless us with their leadership and assistance.

Crossfire Board of Directors

The Crossfire Board of Directors provides invaluable support, leadership, oversight, volunteer efforts, advocacy, and personal encouragement to the staff.

Lane T. Fleming

Lane T. Fleming

Board Chair

Lane Fleming has been Crossfire’s board chair since 2013. She cares deeply about helping the kids Crossfire serves grow into caring, spiritual men who break the cycle of poverty with their own children.

If you would like to reach out to discuss partnering with Crossfire, or to learn more about the program, contact us.

Crossfire Board Members

Zach Armstrong
Patrick Carrigan
Juan Fernandez
Dianne LaRoe
Sheryl Powers
Josh Spiegel
Brian Strickfaden
Suzanne Wallace

Crossfire Advisory Board

Loree Conrad
Anita English
Ned Fleming
Randy Heady
Bart Roberson

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